【Adventure Time Card Reveals】All In The Name Of Science!

2020/08/04 Article

Trial Deck+, Booster Pack & Supply Set products for English Original title Adventure Time is set to hit your LGS’s shelves on November 20th, 2020! We’re halfway through the second pre-order period for the set, so if you haven’t put your orders down yet, there’s still time!

Still on the fence? Well, we hope we can change your mind with today’s reveal!

“The answer was so simple, I was too smart to see it!”

Princess Bubblegum’s scientific experiments are an important part of the Adventure Time story. She often develops new and interesting contraptions and devices, and has even created life! Her ingenuity and method has saved her beloved Candy Kingdom on more than one occasion, and she’s renowned in the land of Ooo for it! It stands to reason, then, that her wacky experiments be showcased in some way or form in Weiß Schwarz…!

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

A powerhouse of a card to be sure, Princess Bubblegum’s ability synergizes amazingly with the Standby climax it combos with.

When you play the Standby climax to pull a character back from the waiting room, it gets a sizable 2000 boost in power! Needless to say, revealing a Standby climax during its attack will also proc this effect up to a maximum of 3 times – so you can use the first ability it gains from the CX Combo to trigger check twice! +6000 power maximum sounds real juicy to me – 10.5k at level one, not counting Assists?!

The extra triggers give you the chance to improve soul output by fishing for an additional soul trigger. On top of that, with the second ability gained from the CX combo, you get clean stock at the end of battle as well!

With one copy of the Standby climax already in play, though, it does seem like it’s difficult to fish for additional Standby triggers even if you field 3 of these Princess Bubblegums for 6 trigger checks. If only we had another Standby climax to work with…

Thanks for tuning in again this week guys! Stay tuned for more reveals next week!

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