Weiβ Schwarz


  • Q&A
  • Basic Rules
    The basic rules on how to play the game.

  • Weiss Schwarz Comprehensive rules (Updated December 8, 2017)
    Comprehensive rules for deck construction.

  • 2 Pack Weiss Schwarz
    Play “2 Pack Weiss Schwarz” as you unwrap new cards!

  • Bushiroad TCG Advanced Floor Rules
    (Updated August 1, 2017)
    Floor rules ensure the fairness and completeness of our tournaments. Every participant is required to abide by the floor rules so that tournaments are run fairly and smoothly for all players to enjoy themselves. Any individual who interferes with the fairness or completeness of our tournaments would be penalized according to the penalty guidelines written in these rules. Bushiroad reserves all right to take further action if deemed necessary.

  • Errata (Updated November 17, 2017)
    Errata refers to amendments of text and numbers on published products, due to production error. These amendments are applied for official tournaments, unofficial tournaments and free play.
    In the case of important amendments, exchange of products will be taken action.

  • Deck Construction Rules (Updated Dec 8, 2017)
    Deck construction rules refer to the legality of cards that can be used in different format, namely “Standard Constructed”, “Side Constructed” and “Neo Standard Constructed”.