2 Pack Weiss Schwarz

Let’s play with “2 Pack Weiss Schwarz”!

It’s more fun compared to just opening packs! Let’s play a game as we unwrap new cards!


Please click on the above image to download the PDF version of “2 Pack Weiss Schwarz”.

★Deck Preparation★

① Place 2 unopened packs in front of you!

First, both players will prepare 2 unopened booster packs!
You may also buy a new box and pick packs at random!

② Open without looking at the front of the cards!

Turn your booster pack around and open 2 packs face
Try not to look at what you got! (← This is very important!)

③ Combine the cards together and shuffle!

Combine 2 packs (16 cards) in one stack and shuffle them!
Once the shuffling is done, you have a deck!

★How to play★

【I】 Level Limit -1-

When your opponent reaches Lv.1 you win the game!
This is a super short game where you may win in under 5 minutes!

【II】 First Hand -0-

Both players have 0 card in hand at the start!
The first card you draw may be your ace card!?

【III】 Break Play

You may instantaneously use the card you draw!
If you draw a strong Lv. 3 card, there’s a big chance that you may win!

※ Color and level restrictions do not apply, and the cost for playing a card is not required as well.
※ You will be required to fulfill the conditions stated in the card text.
  e.g. If you do not have a 《Music》 character, this card cannot be played from your hand.
※ You will be required to pay the cost for the effects.
  You will be required to pay the cost of “【AUTO】 Encore (3)” with regards to the rules.

【IV】 P-Refresh

The clock damage will not take place after refresh!
Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, battle until the end with your revived deck!

※ The action of “Refresh Point Resolution”, which is “place the top card of your
deck into your clock after refresh,” will not take place.
※ If all the cards from your deck and waiting room are gone at the same time, there is
a possibility of a complicated resolution, so it will be regarded as a straight loss for you.

Above are the basic rules of “2 Pack Weiss Schwarz”!

【V】 Victory Sign!!

Staff Recommendation!! Additional Special Rule!

If you draw an autographed card, you instantly win the game!! Pull that moment of joy with luck! If this occurs, gather around and celebrate your victory!

※ In a situation where the autographed card is placed on any area of the stage, or
if the player reveals an autographed card during trigger check/damage check, that
player automatically wins the game.
※ If you have an autographed card in your hand, you may reveal it.
    If you reveal that card, you automatically win the game.
※ If both players agree, the game may continue.

★Extra Fight★

With your cards you got from “2 Pack Weiss Schwarz”,
let’s try out other fun ways to play!

We recommend a rule where “color restriction” is removed from the original Weiss Schwarz rules!

【EX-1】Triple 48

Create a deck by using 48 cards you’ll get from 3 sets of “2 Pack Weiss Schwarz”!

【EX-2】Limited 50

Create a deck by using 50 cards out of the 80 you’ll get from 5 sets of “2 Pack Weiss Schwarz”!


Updated June 12, 2014

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