Weiß Schwarz 1-Turn Refresh Challenge!

Hey Weiß Schwarz Meisters, introducing a fun way to play Weiß Schwarz right in the comforts of your own home! Check out the Weiß Schwarz 1-Turn Refresh Challenge below!


Here’s how it works:

Deck Preparation
  • Prepare a 50-card deck.
  • Shuffle the deck.
  • Rule 1: Put any number of cards from your deck into stock.
    Note: The fewer the number of cards in stock, the higher the difficulty level of the challenge.
  • Rule 2: Draw 5 cards and mulligan.
  • Rule 3: Play the first turn only, and you pass the challenge if you can refresh!
  • Rule 4: If you level up to 2 or fail to refresh after 1 turn, then you fail the challenge.
Q & A
  • Q. What about card abilities that require an opponent to make a choice?
    A. You can make the choice, in place of an opponent.
  • Q. What about card abilities that reference an opponent’s card?
    A. As there are no opponent’s deck or hand present, it is not possible to execute those abilities, so you can ignore them.
  • Q. What about dealing damage to an opponent?
    A. Dealing damage to an opponent is disregarded and there is no cancelation as well.
  • Q. Would returning all cards from the waiting room to the deck by a card ability be considered a success?
    A. No, it would not be.
  • Q. If I refresh my deck when I am at Level 1 with 6 cards in my clock area, would that be considered a failure?
    A. No, it would be considered a success.
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