Band League Rules for Band League

Band Deck Construction Rules for Band League

Learn how to construct a band-specific deck with cards centering on your favorite band! Check out what event and climax cards go with which band! Every participant is required to register with a band-specific deck before they can enter the tournament.


Pick your favorite band from the current 6 bands – Poppin’Party, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, Hello, Happy World! or Glitter*Green.

Construct your deck with cards centering on the band members and the band of your choice.

Depending on the band of your choice, only certain character cards displaying FULL or FIRST NAMES (not family names) of the band members, may be used in deck construction.

Refer to the following table to see which character belongs to which band!

Which character belongs to which band?

For each band, there are also certain event and climax cards that may only be used in deck construction. For more information, check out the list below!

List in Excel format
List in PDF format

※ Only English edition cards may be used in the aforementioned league.


For Neo-Standard Construction, only cards with the card number beginning with 「BD/」may be used in the same deck.

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