Booster Pack BanG Dream!


Release Date: June 30, 2017

■ Booster Pack BanG Dream!

The members of Poppin’Party are shining on the Weiss Schwarz English Edition stage for the BanG Dream! Booster Pack!

Join the search for the Star Beat with Kasumi and friends!

10 types of exclusive SP Gold Foil/Hot Stamp signed cards from the following Japanese voice cast are inserted randomly in packs!!

Kasumi Toyama : Aimi
Tae Hanazono : Sae Otsuka
Rimi Ushigome : Rimi Nishimoto
Saya Yamabuki : Ayaka Ohashi
Arisa Ichigaya : Ayasa Ito
Yuri Ushigome : Suzuko Mimori
Nanana Wanibe : Mikoi Sasaki
Rii Uzawa : Izumi Kitta
Hinako Nijikki : Sora Tokui
Asuka Toyama : Yuka Ozaki

– 120 types of cards + 27 parallels + 10 special
– 8 cards per pack
– 20 packs per display
– 16 displays per carton

WSE Booster Pack BanG Dream

Neo-Standard Products

  • Booster Pack

    BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!


  • Trial Deck+

    BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! [Roselia]


  • Trial Deck+

    BanG Dream!


※ English edition cards cannot be used in official Japanese edition tournaments.
※ Weiß Schwarz English Edition does not include gold/silver campaign coupon.

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