Set Sail for KanColle, 2nd Fleet Part 1

KanColle has stirred up an international storm (heh) and is one of the most popular series today! The new Booster Pack Kancolle, 2nd Fleet is about to weigh anchor (heh) at an official store near you, so what better way to celebrate its release than by revealing some of the new cards that are about to hit your shores (heh)?

Okay, that’s enough puns. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the new cards from the set!

Cards Introduction

1st Yamato-class Battleship, Yamato-Kai

My personal favorite Fleet Girl makes her entry with her upgraded Kai (no relation to our Weiss Schwarz Columnist) form! Before we dive into her effect, here’s some trivia for you. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between Yamato Kai and Yamato, her knee sock has the writing “非理法権天” on it, a slogan that was originally hung on a flag on the actual Yamato that roughly means “Foolishness is not above Reason, Reason is not above Law, Law is not above Authority, and Authority is not above Heaven”. It can’t really be seen on the card, though…

Anyway, this card presents a strong way to close out a game with a twofold ability to deal additional damage to your opponent. On the turn that it enters the field, if the damage dealt by this card is cancelled, you can deal 1 damage to your opponent. If that wasn’t enough, it can also grant this ability to one other card on your field as well! Very useful when your opponent is clinging on to life at level 3 with 4 or 5 cards in his or her clock.

2nd Nagato-class Battleship, Mutsu-Kai

The second Nagato-class Battleship, Mutsu also makes her appearance in this booster in her upgraded Kai form! She has a deceptively simple effect, but the beauty of this card is in its simplicity. It helps to prolong the player’s life by removing a card from the clock when she enters the stage, and she gains additional power when other Fleet Girls on the field attack! You can use this card to break through the tougher cards on your opponent’s field; it has 12000 power if it attacks last, which, coupled with other Support effects and a Climax, can easily take down most defenders.

4th Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser, Haguro-Kai-Ni

Featuring another upgraded Fleet Girl, Haguro-Kai-Ni! This card has an useful climax synergy ability that allows the player to search his or her deck for any character with the <> trait and add it to their hand! This ability is similar to the Shimakaze from the previous Kancolle booster pack, but Haguro-Kai-Ni does not need reverse its battle opponent to do so – you can search for a card as soon as you play the specified Climax card!

Haguro-Kai-Ni also has another ability that can be used to complement the use of Backup. When another one of your Fleet Girl is attacked, you can send Haguro-Kai-Ni to the waiting room to give that card +3000 power! Use this effect in tandem with Backup to protect your more important cards.

A Winter Moment, Akatsuki

The destroyer who wants to be treated as a lady is back, and this time she brings a great new ability to the table! When she enters the stage from the hand, you can discard a card from your hand to search the top 4 cards of your deck for any Fleet Girl among them and add it to your hand! Apart from helping you set up for future turns, you can also use it to discard extra Climax Cards from your hand to the waiting room so you can refresh your deck with more climaxes in the deck. There are a lot of interactions that you can make with this card, so explore the options thoroughly!

Sample Deck List

These cards make for a pretty good deck when used together, and it gets even better when played in conjunction with some of the cards from the previous Kancolle Booster Pack. Below is a sample decklist that was used in a tournament recently featuring all the above cards!

This deck mainly focuses on yellow/blue cards from KanColle, so next week we will be taking a closer look at a red/green KanColle deck instead! Please look forward to what we have for you next week and stay tuned!

Card No. Card Name Lv/Cost Quantity
Character Card
KC/S25-E006 7th Kagero-class Destroyer, Hatsukaze 0/0 4
KC/S25-E061 Clumsy Girl, Inaduma 0/0 4
KC/S25-E155 10th Asashio-class Destroyer, Kasumi 0/0 3
KC/S31-E040 A Winter Moment, Akatsuki 0/0 4
KC/S31-E046 A Winter Moment, Ikaduchi 0/0 2
KC/S25-E003 Shimakaze-class Destroyer, Shimakaze 1/0 4
KC/S25-E024 1st Kaidai Ⅵ-class Type a Submarine, I-168 1/0 1
KC/S31-E015 Shimakaze-class Destroyer, Shimakaze-Kai 1/0 2
KC/S31-E082 Resupply Vessel, Taigei 1/0 3
KC/S31-E084 Newly Constructed Repair Ship, Akashi 1/0 2
KC/S25-E158 3rd Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser, Ashigara 1/1 1
KC/S31-E086 4th Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser, Haguro-Kai-Ni 2/1 3
KC/S25-E002 2nd Yamato-class Battleship, Musashi 3/2 1
KC/S31-E001 1st Yamato-class Battleship, Yamato-Kai 3/2 3
KC/S31-E088 2nd Nagato-class Battleship, Mutsu-Kai 3/2 2
Event Card
KC/S25-E031 Compass 1/1 3
Climax Card
KC/S25-E034 Fast like Shimakaze -/- 4
KC/S31-E097 Haguro of The Fifth Squadron, heading out! -/- 4

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