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Booster Pack - Kancolle

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Card Name Clumsy Girl, Inaduma
Clumsy Girl, Inaduma
Card No. KC/S25-E061 Rarity C
Expansion Kancolle Side
Card Type Character Color
Level 0 Cost 0
Power 2500 Soul
Trigger - Special Attribute Fleet Girl・Destroyer
Text 【AUTO】When this card is placed on the stage from your hand, reveal the top card of your deck. If that card is not a 《Fleet Girl》 character, 【REST】this card. (The revealed card is returned to its original place)
【AUTO】[(1) Put the top card of your deck into your clock] When this card is placed into your waiting room from the stage, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to one level 1 or lower character, reveal it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards.
Flavor Text Ha wah wah wah, that was a surprise!
Illustrator (C)2015 GAMES All Rights Reserved. illust.やどかり
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