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Booster Pack - Kancolle

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Card Name 10th Asashio-class Destroyer, Kasumi
10th Asashio-class Destroyer, Kasumi
Card No. KC/S25-E155 Rarity C
Expansion Kancolle Side
Card Type Character Color
Level 0 Cost 0
Power 2500 Soul
Trigger - Special Attribute Fleet Girl・Destroyer
Text 【CONT】If this card is on your center stage, this card cannot 【STAND】during your stand phase.
【AUTO】When this card's battle opponent becomes 【Reverse】, choose one of your other characters, 【REST】it, and move it to an open position on your back stage.
Flavor Text Kasumi here. We are pushing on. Try to keep up.
Illustrator (C)2015 GAMES All Rights Reserved.
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