【Announcement】Chainsaw Man Tournament Store Assist PR Pack

2024/01/12 InformationTCG

Introducing the “Chainsaw Man” Tournament Store Assist PR Pack! To commemorate the release of Trial Deck & Booster Pack, all official tournament stores will receive the TSAPP packs based on the purchase of the applicable product for promotional use.

Each “Chainsaw Man” Tournament Store Assist PR Pack will contain 1 of 5 types of shiny PR cards, and can be redeemed with any purchase of one display of the following product:

  • Weiß Schwarz English Edition Booster Pack Chainsaw Man

Please visit this page for more information on the Tournament Store Assist PR Packs.

* Please note that all cards are still in development and may be changed.
* Limited to 5 packs per person. Subject to availability while stocks last.

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