【Mob Psycho 100 Special Feature】When Things Go South, It’s Okay to Run Away!

2020/08/24 Article

Meisters, the Trial Deck+, Booster Pack & Supply Set products for our English Original title, Mob Psycho 100, are slated to hit stores December 18th, 2020!

We’re excited to share this set with you, so we’ll be unveiling some cards right here on our website in the next couple of weeks. Do keep a lookout for them if you don’t want to miss anything!

You can now make a CHOICE: When things go south, it’s okay to run away!

Featuring a double CX Combo, Arataka Reigen acts as a finisher; but only with the support of MOB: Gratitude Towards His Master.


With MOB: Gratitude Towards His Master in play, Arataka Reigen gets a variety of buff effects, including not being able to be chosen by opponent’s effects, an assistive 2500 power bump when on the back stage, and Reigen himself will get 1500 power if MOB is on the back stage. That adds up to a whopping 13k power, 14k if the climax, It’s Okay to Run Away! is in your climax area.

For MOB: Gratitude Towards His Master, should you manage to accumulate 4 markers underneath the character, the CX combo effect gives Arataka Reigen of your choice an additional 2500 power and Great Performance until the end of your opponent’s next turn. MOB: Gratitude Towards His Master gains markers to itself when your other blue or 《Esper》 character becomes REVERSE in battle and you may choose to put the character as a marker.


Should you find yourself in dire need of markers under your MOB during your opponent’s turn, you can use the event card Explosion Counter to pad the marker count of MOB: Gratitude Towards His Master before your next turn. Explosion Counter allows you to look at up to 4 cards from the top of your deck and add 1 《Esper》 or 《Master》 or 《Muscles》 character to your hand, then you may put the event card underneath MOB: Gratitude Towards His Master as a marker.

On Reigen’s end, the CX combo effect allows you to pay the cost when the card attacks to choose 1 of your other MOB: Gratitude Towards His Master to deal additional damage to your opponent based on the number of markers under your chosen MOB: Gratitude Towards His Master. This gives you a choice to control the amount of damage you intend to deal to your opponent by controlling the number of markers underneath your other MOB, for a total of 1 to 4 damage.

When things go south, it’s okay to run away… and leave things to Master Reigen.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s reveals! There’s still more to come, so do stay tuned for more updates on our website!

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Meanwhile, pre-orders for this set are now on, approach your local stores to place yours today!
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