【Announcement】 hololive production Title Cup

2022/03/31 EventTCG

To celebrate the release of hololive production, in addition to the previously announced Tournament Store Assist PR Pack, all tournament stores will be able to host the very first Title Cup for hololive production! All players will receive one hololive production Title Cup PR Pack just by participating!

Important notes for players:

  • Players may only use English Edition cards with card numbers starting with 「HOL/」.
  • Players will receive one Title Cup PR Pack for participation.
  • Winners will receive three additional Title Cup PR Packs.
  • Please check with your local tournament store for more information on event dates.
  • Important notes for tournament stores:

  • Stores may apply for this either through their official distributors or organized play representative.
  • Stores may apply to hold the hololive production Title Cup from June 1, 2022.
  • Stores may only run a maximum of one hololive production Title Cup event.
  • Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on these exclusive PR cards! Each Title Cup PR Pack will include one of following special foil PR cards:

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