Set Sail for KanColle, 2nd Fleet Part 2

And we’re back today with the second part of our KanColle card introduction! This time, we’re focusing mainly on the cards in red and green, so those of you who are looking to play with these colors, you’re in for a treat.

No lousy puns this time, I promise. Let’s get right to the cards!

Cards Introduction

KC/S31-E061 “Tea Time” Kongo

The first of the Kongo-class Battleships returns in this booster pack! “Tea Time” Kongo offers players a mix of offense of utility with its effect. If there are 2 or more other Fleet Girls on the stage, it gets 1000 power! This means it has a base power of 10500, not counting other supports – 500 higher than most level 3 characters!

Upon entering the stage, the player may retrieve a Fleet Girl from their waiting room as well. There are a variety of ways to take advantage of a retrieval, such as picking up Backups, taking back key combo cards, or playing out more characters to fulfil “Tea Time” Kongo’s power boost.

This card also has -1 level in your hand when you have 6 or more Climax cards in your waiting room. This would mean that the ideal time to use this is when you are at level 2 and close to refresh! Prepare yourself for the next few turns by retrieving other key level 3 cards!

KC/S31-E034 Glorious First Carrier Division, Kaga

Similar to “Tea Time” Kongo, this card has a lower base attack, but gains attack for every other Fleet Girl on your field, bringing it up to a staggering 11500 power before support! It even comes with an ability that helps the player fulfil this condition.

When Glorious First Carrier Division, Kaga enters the stage, you can choose any Fleet Girl from your clock and place it in any position on the field! This sounds like a good enough effect already – summoning one card and getting another for free? Talk about value! – but upon closer inspection, its actually bordering on overpowered – you don’t have to pay any costs associated with summoning that character! This means that you can essentially put 2 level 3 characters on the field for the low, low cost of just 2 stocks!

Protip: Put a level 3 character in your clock during your own clock phase if there’s nothing good to summon that’s already in your clock, then use Glorious First Carrier Division, Kaga to pull it out for free!

KC/S31-E065 Light Cruiser Who Takes Care of Sister Ships, Tatsuta

While level 3 cards help you close out a game, the true backbone of a deck comes from the level 0 and level 1 characters, and this card is a perfect fit for that role. As a level 1 character card without cost boasting 5500 power and a positive effect that further increases its power by 1000, Light Cruiser Who Takes Care of Sister Ships, Tatsuta already outsizes most of the cards of her class. One would expect a pretty hefty drawback considering all of this, but what’s surprising is that the drawback isn’t all that terrible.

This card gets -1 level when it is on the field, meaning that the opponent can side attack this card with no penalty to their soul damage at all. This means the opponent can preserve his characters, and block a slot that would otherwise be open if they used a character with lower power to attack it. This also means that this card is susceptible to effects that target level 0 cards, and level 0 cards that can reverse same-level opponents if they are reversed in battle.

While it does have its demerits, this card’s strengths definitely outweigh its weaknesses. Definitely play this if you’re playing a red deck, or are splashing red into your deck!

KC/S31-E044 10th Ayanami-class Destroyer, Ushio-Kai

An interesting new take on the aforementioned “reverse same-level opponents” effects, this card instead sends the opponent’s level 0 or lower card into the clock when it is reversed. While the uses of this card is rather niche, it can still make for some interesting plays… especially if you take a look at two of the above cards, Glorious First Carrier Division, Kaga and Light Cruiser Who Takes Care of Sister Ships, Tatsuta.

Using this strategically against Glorious First Carrier Division, Kaga will allow you to prevent your opponent from calling out the top card of his or her clock. Against Light Cruiser Who Takes Care of Sister Ships, Tatsuta, as it is considered a level 0 on the field, you can easily remove a high-powered threat that you may otherwise be unable to overpower.

While the use is specific and might not really work out all of the time, if the stars align, you could potentially set your opponent back quite a bit. Besides, it’s one of the most efficient ways to take down high-powered level 0s, so you can put this card in anyway. It has Clock Shift, too, which means you can always put it to the clock, then shift it back to your hand if the situation calls for it.

Sample Deck List

Wow, looking at that Glorious First Carrier Division, Kaga and that magnificent effect is getting my brain juices flowing… I’m definitely updating my deck with it. Maybe in an Aircraft Carrier deck…?

Anyway, here’s a deck built from the cards which I have introduced in the article.
Don’t forget to grab some booster packs of KanColle, 2nd Fleet this weekend at your local stores!

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