☆★☆ The Seven Deadly Sins Booster Pack Giveaway Winners ☆★☆

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Here are the answers and winners for The Seven Deadly Sins Booster Pack Giveaway!


SDS/SX03-T11 Elizabeth: Searching for the Sins
【Bushiroad E-Newsletter, Apr Issue 2021】The Seven Deadly Sins Hits Stores this July 30th 2021!

SDS/SX03-T05 Meliodas: Owner of the Boar Hat
★ The Seven Deadly Sins TD+ Reveals ☆ on April 13th 2021 (PDT)

SDS/SX031 Diane: Twirling Her Hair
★ Weiß Schwarz Card of the Day ☆ on June 29th 2021 (PDT)

SDS/SX03-05 Ban: For a Special Someone
【The Seven Deadly Sins Special Feature】The Love between Ban and Elaine

SDS/SX03-033 King: Wielder of Chastiefol
【The Seven Deadly Sins Special Feature】 The Bond between Envy and Sloth

SDS/SX03-060 Gowther: True Identity
【Bushiroad E-Newsletter, May Issue 2021】WANTED: The Seven Deadly Sins

SDS/SX03-063 Merlin: Superior Skills
★ The Seven Deadly Sins BP Reveals ☆ on June 3rd 2021 (PDT)


Congratulations to the following winners who will be receiving our The Seven Deadly Sins Booster Pack Display Boxes when it goes on sale, August 6, 2021!

• Enrico Brancato

• Logan Garret Sims

• Swee Kok

At the same time, a big thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway.

Remember to stay tuned to our website, and social media channels for more giveaways like this in the future!

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