【Announcement】 Modified artwork for SEC & SP cards in Saekano the Movie: Finale

2023/11/15 InformationTCG

Thank you for the continued support for Weiß Schwarz this past year!

Please be informed that the artwork for the SEC and SP cards in our upcoming product, Booster Pack Saekano the Movie: Finale, will be modified from their Japanese counterparts.

There will be two variations for each SEC and SP card: one with redesigned quotes and character names, and one that comes with a serial number. These variations will replace the original hand-written quotes, character names, and voice actor signatures.

The respective changes are as follows:

Booster Pack

SHS/W98-E003SEC: World’s Happiest Illustrator, Eriri

SHS/W98-E031SEC: World’s Happiest Main Heroine, Megumi

SHS/W98-E063SEC: World’s Happiest Author, Utaha

SHS/W98-E001SP: Hanging Out Together, Eriri

SHS/W98-E002SP: Hanging Out Together, Izumi

SHS/W98-E032SP: Hanging Out Together, Megumi

SHS/W98-E064SP: Hanging Out Together, Utaha

SHS/W98-E086SP: Hanging Out Together, Michiru

You may visit our product page for more information. We seek your kind understanding in this matter.

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