【Special Feature】 The rumbling intensifies! Attack On Titan: Final Season Content Creator Card Reveals (Week 2)

2022/08/19 ArticleTCG

Have you been keeping up with the Booster Pack Attack On Titan: Final Season card reveals from our content creators? Let’s take a look at the card reveals from this week!

with Casually Weiss Schwarz

Kicking things off is Mikasa: Providing Support and Mikasa: Mourning. Both cards are effective options to refresh your deck while avoiding refresh penalties, which will be needed given the amount of deck cycling you’ll be doing thanks to Crest Mark.

Introducing the New Omni Directional Mobility Gear! The new and improved exoskeleton gives you a better fighting chance against any opposing character, allowing you to easily maneuver around the stage while retrieving characters from your waiting room. Nifty!

Set off with Mikasa: Recovery Mission and her climax combo, Perfect Timing. Press the advantage with the ability to prepare for future turns, or set up for the perfect counterplay by getting New Omni Directional Mobility Gear. Pair this with Crest Mark for an explosive mid game your opponents will never see coming!

with Zabuton

Gate players, rejoice! Reiner: Trying to Give Up lets you swap out excess climaxes in your hand to retrieve characters from your waiting room.

Sometimes all we can do is press on to the future! Reiner: Haunted by His Own Advice and his climax combo, Reunion, lets you salvage characters from your waiting room to ensure you can keep moving forward in game!

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