【Special Feature】 The rumbling intensifies! Attack On Titan: Final Season Content Creator Card Reveals (Week 1)

2022/08/12 ArticleTCG

Have you been keeping up with the Booster Pack Attack On Titan: Final Season card reveals from our content creators? Let’s take a look at the card reveals from this week!

with Alex Hodges

Levi: Merciless Assault is a powerful searcher that helps to search out early game plays while getting you closer to level 1! Use him to search out your level 1 climax combo and lay on the pressure!

Levi: Deep Grudge is a powerful late game finisher to close out games! With a full field, Levi reaches 11,000 power before factoring in any additional bonuses so you can easily reverse your opponent’s characters and send them directly to the clock!

While his climax combo may seem costly, running eight Treasure climaxes is an easy way to fill out your stock while ensuring you’ll always have a climax in hand to play. What’s more, his on play effect allows you to add a card to hand so you’ll get closer to fulfilling the cost!

with Titan Cards

While you may not using Hange: Introduction to New Technology for her Encore ability, her ability to support your allies by providing them with a 1,500 power boost makes her an invaluable asset to any team, ensuring your characters will always be able to overpower your opponent.

Sick of playing against Standby-focused decks or running into early play characters? Add a copy or two of Hange: Scout Regiment Commanding Officer into your deck and ruin your opponent’s gameplan by sending that character to the clock!

Hange: Growing Suspicions scouts out the future so you can better plan out your turns! With her second Auto ability, any pesky level 0s get sent to your opponent’s clock instead!

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