【Announcement】 Restriction on use of “BNJ/SX01-A11 「Batman: Infiltration」” and “BNJ/SX01-087 「Gorilla Grodd: Decoy」” in same deck construction

2019/07/30 TCG

Dear Weiß Schwarz Meisters,

After much deliberation, we have decided to impose a restriction on the use of “BNJ/SX01-A11 「Batman: Infiltration」” and “BNJ/SX01-087 「Gorilla Grodd: Decoy」” in the same deck construction.

Please note that “BNJ/SX01-A11 「Batman: Infiltration」” from the Demo Deck and “BNJ/SX01-087 「Gorilla Grodd: Decoy」” cannot be used inside the same deck.

Players may use EITHER “BNJ/SX01-A11 「Batman: Infiltration」” OR “BNJ/SX01-087 「Gorilla Grodd: Decoy」” but not both in the construction of their decks. As long as the two cards do not coexist in the same deck, players can still play four copies of the same card.

The booster pack version of “BNJ/SX01-092 「Batman: Infiltration」” is not affected by this rule.

For more information, please visit our Deck Construction Rules page.

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