WSE Week

Thank you for participating in our activities for Weiß Schwarz Week!
We hope you’ll continue to enjoy playing our card game!

Deck Building Workshop

By popular demand we are continuing our deck building workshop!

Join us on Bushiroad Remote Fight to learn tips and tricks from our staff on how they build their decks!

Date: February 22 2021, 1530 PST

Come join us in Bushiroad Remote Fight here!

Gunslinger on Bushiroad Remote Fight

Interact and play against our staff on Bushiroad Road Remote Fight.
Our staff members will randomly pick players to play against them.
At the end, our staff will show their deck recipe and give insight on how their build works!

February 23 2021, 1500 – 1800 PST
February 25 2021, 1500 – 1800 PST

Deck Drafting Challenge

Attention all Weiß Schwarz Meisters do not miss out!

Come draft a Weiß Schwarz deck that our staff will use to play against a lucky player.

That player will have a chance to WIN the drafted deck!

The community will be voting for the cards at each level, through 4 surveys during Weiß Schwarz Week!

There will be one survey each day for specific cards in each level!

February 22, 2021 [Level 0]:
February 23, 2021 [Level 1]:
February 24, 2021 [Level 2]:
February 25, 2021 [Level 3]:

Each survey will be up from 1100 PST to 1100 PST the next day.

Deck Giveaway and Gunslinger Match

Participate in our Giveaway Match on Bushiroad Remote Fight, where one of you may walk home with a fully built deck drafted by you!

Date: February 27 2021, 1100 PST


  1. Players must be using English edition cards.
  2. Players must submit a deck list (Deck will be requested to be shown if the player is chosen).
    1. Please submit complete and accurate deck lists.
      1. February 22 – 25, 2021 [Decklist Submission] :
    2. Submissions may be denied at the sole discretion of the staff.
    3. Deck List Sheet:
  3. Players must be present when being selected.
    1. If a player is not present for any reason we will move onto the next participant.
  4. Player’s board must be fully in view to participate.
  5. Player’s hand may not leave the camera view.
    1. Examples of what is appropriate.
      1. If a player wants to hold their hand to their camera they must be able to show their board and hand at the same time.
      2. A player can place their hand face down within view when it is not their turn.
  6. Any connectivity issues that happen on the player’s end is an auto loss on the player.
  7. **The cards in this giveaway are NOT FOR SALE
  8. Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Deck Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Sephiroth30001#1421 who won against our staff member in our Deck Giveaway match, and walked away with this Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia Deck drafted by you the players!

32 Player Tournament

Come join us on this joyous occasion and play in our Weiß Schwarz Week’s 32 player tournament on Bushiroad Remote Fight!

Date: February 28 2021, 1100 PST – 1500 PST
Format: Neo-standard (English Edition Cards Only)

Pre-registration :
Check In Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

32 Player Tournament Winner!

Congratulations to Tyler Smith/Weeb Shortz #2310 who won our 32 player tournament for Weiss Schwarz Week!

Come check out the winning deck list & comments from our winner in an upcoming E-Newsletter!

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Twitter Giveaway

In conjunction with Schwarz Week, enter the giveaway on our official Weiß Schwarz Twitter account and stand a chance to win 1 of 3 BanG Dream! Girls Band Party VOCAL COLLECTION 1/7 Scale Figures, sponsored by Bushiroad Creative!

Entry period: February 15 2021, 0000 PST to February 28 2021, 0000 PST
Announcement for Winners: 5 March 2021

Find out more on how to enter here!

“BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to the following 3 winners who’ll be receiving a BanG Dream! Girls Band Party VOCAL COLLECTION 1/7 Scale Figure!


#MyWSDeck Campaign

Post a photo of your deck based on one of the given themes, on your social media accounts and stand a chance to walk away with a Weiß Schwarz rubber playmat!

Taking place across our official Weiß Schwarz Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts, a new theme will be posted every 2 days, and 9 lucky winners will be chosen at the end of this campaign, so remember to be on the lookout for them!

Entry period: February 22 2021, 0000 PST to February 28 2021, 0000 PST
Announcement for Winners: 5 March 2021

Find out more on how to enter here!

#MyWSDeck Campaign Winners!

Congratulations to the following 9 winners who’ll be receiving a Weiß Schwarz rubber playmat!

Anthony Reyes
Megan Baker
Jessi Robinson
Connor Ritter

Player Survey

Take our Player Survey and stand a chance to get a Display Box of Booster Pack Date A Live!
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