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【Bushiroad E-Newsletter, November Issue 2021】Sword Art Online Alicization Vol.2

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Feature: The dark side beckons!

Welcome to the Underworld!

The imminent arrival of Sword Art Online -Alicization- Vol.2 brings about the reckoning of the angel of death with Gabriel’s descent upon the Weiß Schwarz stage. Players looking for fresh deckbuilding ideas can now build a deck based on the Dark Territory characters!

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Deck Name: November 2021: Featured Deck Special
Series: Sword Art Online Alicization Vol.2
Format: Neo Standard

Level 0
  • 4x Commander of the Dark Knights, Shasta
  • 3x Agitator of the Opposition, Vassago
  • 3x Administrator Living On in Memories
  • 3x Chief of the Orcs, Lilpilin
  • 3x Affiliated With the Dark Knights, Lipia

Level 1
  • 4x Swarm of Red Copper, Dark Knights
  • 4x PoH
  • 4x Black Mages Guild Leader, Dee Eye Ell

Level 2
  • 3x Champion of the Pugilists Guild, Iskahn
  • 3x Chance Meeting, Subtilizer

Level 3
  • 4x Incarnation of Nihilism, Gabriel
  • 4x Dark God Vecta

Climax Cards
  • 4x Blade of Nihilism
  • 4x Preaching of Hatred

Weiss schwarz Card
Weiß Schwarz

The march of the dark knights!
  • Agitator of the Opposition

  • Swarm of Red Copper

Take down the good guys with Agitator of the Opposition, Vassago! Vassago asserts his influence over the legion by giving all cards with the same name a power boost, while his Brainstorm allows you to retrieve two copies of Swarm of Red Copper, Dark Knights from your waiting room, ensuring you’ll always have an army at your disposal.

The hellish prince arrives!
  • PoH
  • Preaching of Hatred

Simultaneously disrupt your opponents and extend your influence with the malice-filled PoH and Preaching of Hatred climax combo! When activated, your opponent replaces one of their level 1 or higher characters with a lower levelled character from their waiting room. What’s more, the standby climax allows you to shore up your defence or prepare for the next turn.

His nihilism expands!
  • Incarnation of Nihilism, Gabriel
  • Blade of Nihilism

Gabriel’s terrifying aura boosts the power of all “Dark Territory” characters by a staggering 1,500, and if that wasn’t enough, death and destruction will surely await your opponent with the Incarnation of Nihilism, Gabriel and Blade of Nihilism climax combo. Sacrifice your own allies for power by discarding any number of “Dark Territory” characters from your hand! For each character discarded, you deal one damage to your opponent and return one character from their waiting room to the top of their deck, effectively crippling both their ability to cancel damage and their future draws.

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