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【Bushiroad E-Newsletter, December Issue 2021】Date A Bullet Special Feature: The immutable march of time!

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Fans of Kurumi Tokisaki are in for a treat with the arrival of Extra Booster Date A Bullet! Experience new battles and relive the climatic showdown between Kurumi and Queen only on the Weiß Schwarz stage!

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Your future is a thing of the past!

No one is better poised to maneuver the passages of time like “〈Zafkiel〉” Kurumi and her angel 〈Zafkiel〉!

  • 〈Zafkiel〉Kurumi

  • 〈Zafkiel〉

With some strategic calculation and forward planning, the 〈Zafkiel〉 climax combo is an insidious late game finisher your opponents will not see coming! When active, the climax combo bestows another character a slight power boost and the ability to deal additional burn damage equal to the level of one card in your clock +1. Here are two possible game state scenarios you can consider:

  1. Your opponent has just refreshed their deck, and/or you know they have a high chance to draw their remaining climaxes during damage step; your opponent is at level 3 with at least two cards in their clock.
    • – Prepare a low level character (level 0/1) or climax in your clock. This would result in a maximum of two extra burn damage which has a statistically lower chance of being cancelled! Coupled with the normal attacks of both “〈Zafkiel〉” Kurumi and the boosted character, there should be just enough damage to close out the game.

  2. Your opponent has yet to refresh their deck, and/or most of their climaxes have been played; your opponent is still at level 2 or has just reached level 3, while you are already level 3.
    • – Prepare a higher level character (level 2/3) in your clock. Due to the difference in levels, it would be safer to attempt a high-roll and close out the game in this turn and this would result in a potential of 4 extra burn damage!

Queendom come!

“〈Lucifugus〉” Queen and her Demon King 〈Lucifugus〉 stand proudly and diametrically opposed to Kurumi!

  • 〈Lucifugus〉Queen
  • 〈Lucifugus〉

Warp the fabrics of space-time with the 〈Lucifugus〉 climax combo! When activated, you can choose to disrupt your opponent’s strategy by returning two cards from their waiting room to their deck, thus preventing any Change mechanics or waiting room manipulation; or burn them to death with two burn damage. Either way, your opponent is going to suffer!

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