Deck Recipe

Bushiroad Spring Fest 2018 Team League – USA/Anaheim Champion Team

Bushiroad Spring Fest 2018 (Anaheim) – Champion Team Deck Recipes

Player Name Deck Name Title
Player A Paul Valadez I Love Rem Persona 5
Player B Joon Oh JKTCG Sword Art Online
Player C Neel Parekh JKTCG is my BEST FRIEND Attack on Titan

Tournament Name
Bushiroad Spring Fest 2018 (Anaheim)
Player Name
Player A Paul Valadez
Deck Name Title
I Love Rem Persona 5
  • P5/S45-E0544
    Morgana as MONA: The Phantom Guide
  • P5/S45-E0114
    Ryuji: It’s a Deal
  • P5/S45-E0034
    Protagonist: The Will of Rebellion
  • P5/S45-E0593
    Ann as PANTHER: Quiet Rage
  • P5/S45-E0602
    Ann: It’s a Deal
  • P5/S45-E0164
    Protagonist as JOKER: Thief Clad in Black
  • P5/S45-E0174
    Protagonist as JOKER: Lurking in the Dark
  • P5/S45-E0183
    Ryuji as SKULL: The Fight Is On
  • P5/S45-TE031
    Protagonist (P5)
  • P5/S45-E0863
    Futaba as ORACLE: The Phantom Hacker
  • P5/S45-E0121
    Protagonist: Prisoner of Fate
  • P5/S45-E0571
    Ann Takamaki
  • P5/S45-E0071
    Ryuji as SKULL & Captain Kidd
  • P5/S45-E0013
    Protagonist as JOKER & Arsene
  • P5/S45-E0513
    Morgana as MONA & Zorro
  • P5/S45-E0213
    Calling Card
  • P5/S45-E0724
    omg!! We are SO awesome
  • P5/S45-E0744

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Tournament Name
Bushiroad Spring Fest 2018 (Anaheim)
Player Name
Player B Joon Oh
Deck Name Title
JKTCG Sword Art Online
  • SAO/S47-E0274
    《Sleeping Knights》 Talken & Nori & Jun
  • SAO/S47-E0514
    Gathering Materials, Silica
  • SAO/S47-E0774
    Temporary Alliance, Kirito
  • SAO/S47-E0574
    Silica Looking Up At the Sky
  • SAO/S47-E1034
    Comforting Moment, Asuna
  • SAO/SE23-PE013
    Mission in the Twilight, Sinon
  • SAO/S47-E0071
    Vice Commander, Asuna
  • SAO/S47-E0281
    《Zekken》 Yuuki
  • SAO/S47-E1101
    After Party, Keiko
  • SAO/S47-E1141
    Determination with Life on the Line, Kirito
  • SAO/S47-E1182
    “Dicey Cafe” Gilbert
  • SAO/S47-E0414
    Gathering Materials, Leafa
  • SAO/S47-E0794
    “Machine of Ice” Sinon
  • SAO/S47-E0764
    Last Shot, Sinon
  • SAO/S47-E1024
    Attack in Waves, Asuna
  • SAO/S47-E1074
    Adventure with Everyone, Leafa
  • SAO/S47-E1084
    Adventure with Everyone, Lisbeth

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Tournament Name
Bushiroad Spring Fest 2018 (Anaheim)
Player Name
Player C Neel Parekh
Deck Name Title
JKTCG is my BEST FRIEND Attack on Titan
  • AOT/S35-E0014
    “Beyond the Walls” Eren
  • AOT/S50-E0014
    “To Seize Freedom” Armin
  • AOT/S35-E0564
    “104th Cadet Corps Class” Christa
  • AOT/S35-TE023
    “Honor on the Battlefield” Eren
  • AOT/S50-E0541
    “Single Ray of Light” Mikasa
  • AOT/S50-E0161
    “Until the Dying Breath” Conny
  • AOT/S50-E0024
    “My Fate to Bear” Eren
  • AOT/S50-E0044
    “Single Ray of Light” Armin
  • AOT/S35-E0103
    “Recurring Tragedy” Eren
  • AOT/S50-E0121
    “Steady Advance” Eren Titan
  • AOT/S50-E0051
    “Keen Mind” Armin
  • AOT/S35-E0671
    “104th Cadet Corps Class” Mikasa
  • AOT/S50-E0594
    “To Seize Freedom” Mikasa
  • AOT/S35-E0572
    “Resisting Fate” Mikasa
  • AOT/S35-E0021
    “Resisting Fate” Armin
  • AOT/S35-E026c3
    Anti-Titan Device “Omni-Directional Mobility Gear”
  • AOT/S50-E0201
    Anti-Titan Device “Omni-Directional Mobility Gear”
  • AOT/S50-E023a4
    Yell of Rage
  • AOT/S50-E0834
    Thank You…

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