Deck Construction Tips

The Iron Rules of Deck Construction

Let’s start with the Three Iron Rules of Deck Construction!

1. A deck must consist of exactly 50 cards.
2. There can only be 8 climax cards.
3. There can only be 4 copies of card with the same name.

That’s simple!
But, what if the cards with the same name have different illustrations like this?

Even if the illustrations are different, only four copies of cards with the same name are allowed!
Also, note that four copies of “card with different name” are allowed, regardless of the character.

◎ If you do not follow the rules, you will lose immediately.

Understood! How should I go about constructing my deck?

Deck Construction Patterns

There are many different ways of constructing a deck!
Let’s look at three ways to do so!

✩Pattern 1: Modified Trial Deck!
The reverse side of the playmat included with the trial deck comes with a guide on how you can modify your existing trial deck with another trial deck! Give it a try.

✩Pattern 2: All your favorite characters!
There are a variety of cards for popular characters.
As long as you follow the “Iron Rules of Deck Construction”, you may insert as many cards of your favorite character into your deck.
Your passion will become your strength!!

✩Pattern 3: A deck for battle!
Here we would like to introduce you to the “Theory of Deck Construction”.
As long as you follow these, your deck would be more or less ready for action.

I see… what is the “Theory of Deck Construction”?

Theory of Deck Construction

Theory #1: Balancing out cards of each level
– Level 0: around 18 cards
Level 0 is the foundation of your deck in the beginning of the game. You will be in trouble if you do not have enough level 0 cards in your deck.

– Level 1: around 12 cards
Level 1 is the stage which connects you to the later part of the game. It would be hard to catch up your opponent if you do not have enough level 1 cards.

– Level 2~3: around 12 cards
This is where you have your powerful cards. However, putting too many of it will lower your efficiency, so choose the best cards wisely!

– Climax: Exactly 8 cards
Do not forget to include 8 climax cards in your deck. Decreasing the amount would not be of any help.

Theory #2: A mixture of 2 colors
In Weiẞ Schwarz, climax card and any cards of Level 1 and above, will require you to have cards of the same color in your level area and clock area to play them.
It is still possible to play a deck of three colors but it would require some higher level of technique and skills.
Let’s try to practice with a mixture of two colors in your deck.

Theory #3: Utilize the synergy of character and climax
Some characters have special effects that will activate when a certain climax is played.
These effects are usually strong and you might want to construct your deck based on these effects.

These patterns are only an example for references.
There are no fixed rules of deck construction besides the Iron Rules of Deck Construction.
With your imagination and creativity, create a deck that truly belongs to you!

Do you understand now?
For more deck construction rules, you can refer here as well!

Yes! I’m going to construct my own deck now! See you!(*≧ω≦)ノ

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