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Booster Pack - Sword Art Online The Movie – Ordinal Scale –

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Card Name "Link Strike" Sinon
"Link Strike" Sinon
Card No. SAO/S51-E072 Rarity RR
Expansion Sword Art Online The Movie – Ordinal Scale – Side
Card Type Character Color
Level 3 Cost 2
Power 9000 Soul
Trigger Special Attribute Avatar・Weapon
Text 【CONT】 If the number of 《Avatar》 or 《Net》 characters you have is four or more, this card gets -1 level while in your hand.
【AUTO】 When this card is placed on the stage from your hand or by the 【AUTO】 effect of a card named ""Link Strike" Kirito", draw up to one card, and this card gets +2000 power until end of turn.
【AUTO】 [(1) Put two cards from your hand into your waiting room] This ability activates up to one time per turn. When the character in the middle position of your center stage attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, put the top three cards of your deck into your waiting room. If there is a climax among those cards, 【STAND】 this card.
Flavor Text You can pay me back with cake in Ginza, okay?
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SAO/S51-E072SP Character "Link Strike" Sinon Q&A

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