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Booster Pack - Sword Art Online

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Card Name Guild Commander, Heathcliff
Guild Commander, Heathcliff
Card No. SAO/S20-E013 Rarity U
Expansion Sword Art Online Side
Card Type Character Color
Level 2 Cost 1
Power 8000 Soul
Trigger Special Attribute Avatar・Weapon
Text 【AUTO】 When this card attacks, if a card named "Duel in the Arena" is in your climax area, choose one of your opponent's cost 1 or less characters, return it to your opponent's hand, and this card cannot 【REVERSE】 until end of turn.
Flavor Text If you can defeat me in combat, you may take Asuna. But if you lose, you will join the Knights of the Blood Oath.
Card No. Card Type Card Name Color Q&A
SAO/S20-E011 Character Asuna Takes Shelter Q&A
SAO/S20-E012 Character Asuna Replies to a Proposal Q&A
SAO/S20-E013 Character Guild Commander, Heathcliff Q&A
SAO/S20-E014 Character Asuna's Strong Bond Q&A
SAO/S20-E015 Character Asuna Jumps to Conclusions Q&A
SAO/S20-E016 Character Observer, Kuradeel Q&A
SAO/S20-E017 Character Asuna - Start of the Battle Q&A
SAO/S20-E018 Character Laughing Coffin Q&A
SAO/S20-E019 Character Heathcliff's Hidden Identity Q&A
SAO/S20-E020 Character Asuna's Veteran Cooking Skill Q&A

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