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Booster Pack - Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- ƒ

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Card Image
Card Name MEIKO"Long Pareo"
MEIKO"Long Pareo"
Card No. PD/S22-E055 Rarity R
Expansion Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- ƒ Side
Card Type Character Color
Level 0 Cost 0
Power 2500 Soul
Trigger Special Attribute Music・Swimsuit
Text 【AUTO】[1 Put a card from your hand into your waiting room] When this card is placed on stage from your hand, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose a 《Music》 character in your waiting room, and return it to your hand.
Flavor Text -
Card No. Card Type Card Name Color Q&A
PD/S22-E049 Climax Time Machine Q&A
PD/S22-E050 Climax Continuing Dream Q&A
PD/S22-E051 Character Hatsune Miku"Emerald" Q&A
PD/S22-E052 Character Megurine Luka"Ruby" Q&A
PD/S22-E053 Character Megurine Luka"Resort Bikini" Q&A
PD/S22-E054 Character Megurine Luka"Eternal White" Q&A
PD/S22-E055 Character MEIKO"Long Pareo" Q&A
PD/S22-E056 Character MEIKO"Blue Crystal" Q&A
PD/S22-E057 Character Megurine Luka"Original" Q&A
PD/S22-E058 Character Hatsune Miku"Rin-chan's #1 Fan" Q&A

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