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Booster Pack - Persona 4 ver.E

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Card Name Maggie's Tarot Reading
Maggie's Tarot Reading
Card No. P4/EN-S01-096 Rarity U
Expansion Persona 4 ver.E Side
Card Type Event Color
Level 2 Cost 3
Power - Soul -
Trigger - Special Attribute -・-
Text 【COUNTER】 Your opponent may choose one of your characters, and return that character to your hand. Choose one of your opponent's characters, and 【REST】 it.
Flavor Text Ai: "I challenge you read one fortune, no time limit! If I win, which I will, I'm going to destroy this stand!"
Illustrator (c)ATLUS (c)SEGA/All rights reserved. Illust: 駒田絹
Card No. Card Type Card Name Color Q&A
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P4/EN-S01-093 Character Teddie & Kamui Q&A
P4/EN-S01-094 Character "The Imperious Queen of Executions" Mitsuru Kirijo Q&A
P4/EN-S01-095 Event Aria of the Soul Q&A
P4/EN-S01-096 Event Maggie's Tarot Reading Q&A
P4/EN-S01-097 Climax Megidolaon Q&A
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P4/EN-S01-098 Climax Mabufudyne Q&A
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P4/EN-S01-099 Climax Charging into the Announcement Room! Q&A

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