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Booster Pack - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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Card Name Sayaka Fights for Others
Sayaka Fights for Others
Card No. MM/W17-E083 Rarity R
Expansion Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side
Card Type Character Color
Level 0 Cost 0
Power 500 Soul
Trigger - Special Attribute Magic・Love
Text 【CONT】 All of your other characters named "Howling Kyoko" get +500 power and "【AUTO】 Encore [Put a character from your hand into your waiting room]". 【CONT】 Assist All of your characters in front of this card get +500 power.
Flavor Text I don't regret making my wish for someone else's sake.
Card No. Card Type Card Name Color Q&A
MM/W17-E083 Character Sayaka Fights for Others Q&A
MM/W17-E084 Character Sayaka Looks Up to Mami Q&A
MM/W17-E085 Character Sayaka's Healing Prayers Q&A
MM/W17-E085S Character Sayaka's Healing Prayers Q&A
MM/W17-E086 Character Sayaka's Blank Stare Q&A
MM/W17-E086S Character Sayaka's Blank Stare Q&A
MM/W17-E087 Character Classmate, Sayaka Q&A
MM/W17-E088 Character Sayaka Finds Her Wish Q&A
MM/W17-E089 Character Ally of Justice, Sayaka Q&A
MM/W17-E090 Character "Mermaid Witch" Q&A

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