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Booster Pack - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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Card Name Howling Kyoko
Howling Kyoko
Card No. MM/W17-E066 Rarity R
Expansion Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side
Card Type Character Color
Level 2 Cost 2
Power 8000 Soul
Trigger Special Attribute Magic・Sweets
Text 【CONT】 If you have another character with "Sayaka" in its card name, this card gets +1500 power.
Flavor Text What the heck are you!? What have you done to Sayaka!?
Card No. Card Type Card Name Color Q&A
MM/W17-E066 Character Howling Kyoko Q&A
MM/W17-E066S Character Howling Kyoko Q&A
MM/W17-E067 Character Supporting Role, Kyubey Q&A
MM/W17-E068 Character Kyoko Confesses Her Past Q&A
MM/W17-E069 Character Kyoko Wishes for a Miracle Q&A
MM/W17-E070 Character Kyoko in the Alley Q&A
MM/W17-E071 Character Kyoko's Red Soul Gem Q&A
MM/W17-E072 Character Kyoko Parts at the Subway Platform Q&A
MM/W17-E073 Character New Magical Girl, Kyoko Q&A
MM/W17-E074 Character Kyoko Arrives Q&A

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