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Booster Pack - Love Live! Vol.2

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Card Name "Door to Our Dreams" Honoka Kosaka
"Door to Our Dreams" Honoka Kosaka
Card No. LL/W34-E057 Rarity C
Expansion Love Live! Vol.2 Side
Card Type Character Color
Level 1 Cost 1
Power 5500 Soul
Trigger Special Attribute Music
Text 【CONT】 If all of your characters have "Honoka(穂乃果)" in its card name, this card gets +2000 power. 【AUTO】 Encore [Put a character from your hand into your waiting room] (When this card is put into your waiting room from the stage, you may pay the cost. If you do, return this card to its previous stage position as 【REST】)
Flavor Text
Illustrator ©2013 PROJECT Lovelive!
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