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Booster Pack - Love Live! Vol.2

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Card Image
Card Name Looking Back at Memories
Looking Back at Memories
Card No. LL/W34-E031 Rarity CC
Expansion Love Live! Vol.2 Side
Card Type Climax Color
Level Cost
Power Soul
Trigger Special Attribute
Text 【CONT】 All of your characters get +2 soul.
Flavor Text
Illustrator ©2013 PROJECT Lovelive!
Card No. Card Type Card Name Color Q&A
LL/W34-E022 Character "Nico Pri Way of the Maiden" Nico Yazawa Q&A
LL/W34-E023 Character μ's Backup Dancer? Eli Q&A
LL/W34-E024 Character Full of Smiles, Nozomi Q&A
LL/W34-E025 Character Innocent Arisa Q&A
LL/W34-E026 Character "The Glass Garden"Eli Ayase Q&A
LL/W34-E027 Event The Moment Now is the Best Q&A
LL/W34-E028 Event Super Idol Nico Q&A
LL/W34-E029 Event The Morning of Graduation Q&A
LL/W34-E030 Climax Important Friends Q&A
LL/W34-E031 Climax Looking Back at Memories Q&A

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