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Extra Pack / Extra Booster - LOG HORIZON

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Card Image
Card Name Log Horizon
Log Horizon
Card No. LH/SE20-E49 Rarity C
Expansion LOG HORIZON Side
Card Type Climax Color
Level Cost
Power Soul
Trigger Special Attribute -・-
Text 【CONT】 All of your characters get +1000 power and +1 soul. (: When this card triggers, you may choose a climax in your waiting room, and return it to your hand.)
Flavor Text Yeah, that's right, a name……
Illustrator © Mamare Touno, KADOKAWA / NHK, NEP
Card No. Card Type Card Name Color Q&A
LH/SE20-E41 Character Maiden's Heart, Minori Q&A
LH/SE20-E42 Character Petit Naotsugu Q&A
LH/SE20-E43 Character Samurai, Toya Q&A
LH/SE20-E44 Character Toya Q&A
LH/SE20-E45 Character Petit Shiroe Q&A
LH/SE20-E46 Character Scribe, Shiroe Q&A
LH/SE20-E47 Character Isaac Q&A
LH/SE20-E48 Event Mind Shock Q&A
LH/SE20-E49 Climax Log Horizon Q&A
LH/SE20-E50 Climax Simplified Full Control Encounter Q&A

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