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Trial Deck - BanG Dream!

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Card Name “Poppin’Party” Kasumi Toyama
“Poppin’Party” Kasumi Toyama
Card No. BD/W47-TE10 Rarity TD
Expansion BanG Dream! Side
Card Type Character Color
Level 3 Cost 2
Power 10000 Soul
Trigger Special Attribute Music・Star
Text 【CONT】 During your turn, if the number of other 《Music》 characters you have is four or more, this card gets +5000 power and the following ability. "【CONT】 During this card’s battle, your opponent cannot play event cards and "Backup" from hand."
【AUTO】 When this card is placed on the stage from your hand, reveal the top card of your deck. If that card is a 《Music》 character, you may deal one damage to your opponent. (This damage may be canceled. The revealed card is returned to its original place)
Flavor Text Kasumi Toyama, on guitar and vocals!
Illustrator © BanG Dream! Project
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