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Booster Pack - BanG Dream!

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Card Image
Card Name That Irritating Girl
That Irritating Girl
Card No. BD/W47-E114 Rarity U
Expansion BanG Dream! Side
Card Type Event Color
Level 1 Cost 0
Power Soul
Trigger - Special Attribute - ・ -
Text If the number of 《Music》 characters you have is two or less, this card cannot be played from your hand.
Choose up to one 《Music》 character in your waiting room, and put it into your stock.
Choose one of your characters, and that character gets the following ability until end of turn. "【AUTO】 When this card attacks, reveal the top card of your deck. If that card is a 《Music》 character, put it into your hand." (If it is not, return the revealed card to its original place)
Flavor Text What is UP with that girl!
Illustrator ©BanG Dream! Project
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