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Booster Pack - BanG Dream!

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Card Name Bewitching Omelet, Arisa
Bewitching Omelet, Arisa
Card No. BD/W47-E107 Rarity C
Expansion BanG Dream! Side
Card Type Character Color
Level 0 Cost 0
Power 3000 Soul
Trigger - Special Attribute Music・Bonsai
Text -
Flavor Text
Illustrator ©BanG Dream! Project
Card No. Card Type Card Name Color Q&A
BD/W47-E107 Character Bewitching Omelet, Arisa Q&A
BD/W47-E108 Character Yesterday's Events, Arisa Q&A
BD/W47-E109 Character Childhood Tae Q&A
BD/W47-E110 Character High School Student, Arisa Q&A
BD/W47-E111 Character First Live, Tae Q&A
BD/W47-E112 Character Boggy Arisa Q&A
BD/W47-E113 Character Panicking Arisa Q&A
BD/W47-E114 Event That Irritating Girl Q&A
BD/W47-E115 Event Hearing a Guitar for the First Time Q&A
BD/W47-E116 Climax Heart Pounding Star Q&A

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