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Booster Pack - BanG Dream!

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Card Name Something in the Warehouse
Something in the Warehouse
Card No. BD/W47-E071 Rarity U
Expansion BanG Dream! Side
Card Type Event Color
Level 1 Cost 0
Power Soul
Trigger - Special Attribute -・-
Text Brainstorm Reveal three cards from the top of your deck, and put them into your waiting room. Choose a level X or lower character in your waiting room with 《Music》 or "Asuka(明日香)" in its card name, and return it to your hand. X is equal to the number of characters with 《Music》 or "Asuka(明日香)" in its card name revealed among those cards.
Flavor Text Trash? That too?
Illustrator ©BanG Dream! Project
Card No. Card Type Card Name Color Q&A
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