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Booster Pack - Attack on Titan

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Card Image
Card Name Forest of Giant Trees
Forest of Giant Trees
Card No. AOT/S35-E098 Rarity U
Expansion Attack on Titan Side
Card Type Event Color
Level 1 Cost 0
Power - Soul -
Trigger - Special Attribute -・-
Text Search your deck for up to two 《Titan》 characters, reveal them to your opponent, put them into your hand, choose a card in your hand, and put it into your waiting room. Shuffle your deck afterwards. Put this card into your clock.
Flavor Text Teacher: "We do know that Titan physiology is fundamentally different than most organic life."
Illustrator ©Hajime Isayama,KODANSHA/“ATTACK ON TITAN”Production Committee All Rights Reserved
Card No. Card Type Card Name Color Q&A
AOT/S35-E094c Character "Predation" Titan Q&A
AOT/S35-E095a Character "Invasion" Titan Q&A
AOT/S35-E095b Character "Invasion" Titan Q&A
AOT/S35-E095c Character "Invasion" Titan Q&A
AOT/S35-E096 Character "Overwhelming Power" Female Titan Q&A
AOT/S35-E097 Character "Cruel Smile" Titan Q&A
AOT/S35-E098 Event Forest of Giant Trees Q&A
AOT/S35-E099 Climax And, in 850…… Q&A
AOT/S35-E100 Climax Subjugation Q&A
AOT/S35-E100S Climax Subjugation Q&A

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