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Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Vol.Ⅱ

Welcome back to the Weiss Schwarz weekly column! If you have been following our Facebook Page closely, you would have seen the news about the upcoming release of the Booster Pack and Meister Set products for Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Vol.Ⅱ in April! That’s great news for fans of the Fate series. Details about these products are available HERE.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

You might have heard rumors about another expansion for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It’s not just a rumor, we have confirmed it in a press release last week! We will be releasing an Extra Booster for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in May. More information will be available on the product info page soon.

The SOS Brigade Has Arrived! – Part 2

Last week, we talked about how we can build a deck with all the members of the SOS Brigade. In this week’s column, we will look at how to build a deck with only 1 character. If you enjoy building your deck around your favorite character like what we did for Love Live!, you would probably enjoy this. It’s always more fun to play a deck with your waifu in it, right?

Here are some important things to look out for when you are building a single character deck.

Identifying the Main Strategy

Before building a single-character deck, it is important to figure out how all these different cards of the same character can compliment each other to give you an advantage. Some single character decks emphasize on power, while others play around with gimmicky abilities. For example, if you are playing a deck with only Yuki Nagato, Alien, Nagato & Asakura & Kimidori would be a very important card because almost all Yuki Nagato has the <<Alien>> trait and this card can search for any Yuki Nagato in your deck. On top of that, it gives all <<Alien>> on the stage a +500 power boost.

Get Reinforcements

After identifying the theme deck, consider adding in some other characters to make you deck work better. Some meisters might insist on having a deck with purely one character, but if adding a few copies of other characters makes your deck work better, why not? For example, adding a few copies of Ryoko Asakura can increase the offensive power of a Yuki Nagato deck at level 1. This card is also an <<Alien>> and benefits from other abilities and boosts from cards that support Yuki Nagato.

Adding Event Cards

Don’t forget to check out the Event cards that can strenghten your deck as well. Some Event cards probably works best when you are playing a single character deck. Message on the Bookmark is a good example. It requires you to have an <<Alien>> character on the stage and will always meet the requirement if you play a Yuki Nagato deck.

Deck List

Here is a deck that I have made for Yuki Nagato, with a few cameo appearance of Ryoko Asakura.

How would you build a deck with your favorite character? Let us know if you have any good ideas via!

Card No. Card Name Lv/Cost Quantity
Character Card
SY/W08-E102 Usual Nagato 0/0 3
SY/W08-E076 Alien, Nagato & Asakura & Kimidori 0/0 4
SY/W08-E078 Yuki Nagato 0/0 3
SY/W08-E091 Nagato Eating Watermelon 0/0 3
SY/W08-E106 Wedding Dress Nagato 0/0 3
SY/W08-E079 Glasses Girl, Nagato 1/0 3
SY/W08-E080 Ryoko Asakura 1/1 2
SY/W08-E083 Swimsuit Haruhi & Nagato 1/0 4
SY/W08-E082 China Dress Nagato 2/2 4
SY/W08-E086 Guitarist, Nagato 2/1 2
SY/W08-E081 Silent Character, Nagato 2/1 2
SY/W08-E012 Nagato & Koizumi in the Clubroom 2/1 1
SY/W08-E077 Primp and Proper Nagato 3/2 4
Event Card
SY/W08-E095 Message on the Bookmark 1/1 2
SY/W08-E096 Don’t Leave My Side 2/1 2
Climax Card
SY/W08-E099 Battle in the Information Control Area -/- 4
SY/W08-E100 That’s Impossible -/- 4

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