Weiss Schwarz Monthly Shop Tournament - September 2020【Mon, 31 Aug~Sun, 27 Sep】

◆ Official PR card support will be one English Edition PR Card [TSK/S70-PE01 PR Chewing, Milim](exclusive for this month only).
◆ PR Card Support: 1 PR card per player
【Tournament Format】 
◆ 30 minutes per round 
◆ Organisers may choose to run either Swiss Draw, Double Elimination or Single Elimination 
◆ Neo Standard tournament format - This is a tournament format which your deck is restricted to consist of only cards from one title. E.g. You are not allowed to mix cards from Fate/Zero, Madoka Magica and/or Sword Art Online in your deck.
Timings: Please select a reasonable start time.
Player numbers: Please do not apply for player numbers exceeding your available seating area.
Entry Conditions: We advise free entry for all players.
The recommended maximum entry fee is USD $5.00.
Tournament limits: Only one (1) tournament is allowed per week.
Application cut-off: We will not entertain applications past the cut-off date listed.
Please ensure all fields are correctly filled up to facilitate the process.
Tournament report: Please ensure timely delivery of tournament reports.
Failure to do so may result in rejection of future applications.
All information regarding tournaments will be posted online at the following sites:

Tournament shop listing for Asia/Oceania


Australia Brunei Darussalam Indonesia Malaysia
New Zealand Philippines Singapore Taiwan
Thailand Vietnam    

Updated spot=(It will return in about a week.)
Edited spot=(It will return in about a week.)

▼ Australia
Shop Name/Address/Contact Details DateDayTime No. of players Type
■Brutal Deluxe
Shop 101, Grand Central Shopping Centre, Margaret St. & Dent St. Toowoomba, QLD
TEL : +61 (0)7 46323533
06 Sep Sun 12:00 PM 10 Players Open
No pre-registration Entry Fee:No entry fee

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