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【Bushiroad E-Newsletter, June Issue 2021】Kaguya-sama: Love is War Featured Deck Special

Follow the romantic comedy between Kaguya and Miyuki, as they scheme to make the other confess their love first on the stage of Weiß Schwarz!

It is going to be a romantic battle of the brains as another new title, Kaguya-sama: Love is War joins the English Edition lineup, with the release of a Trial Deck+ and Booster Pack this end-June!

Originally a Japanese manga that was adapted into two anime seasons with a third one in the works as well as an upcoming OVA, this set features the titular character, Kaguya Shinomiya, alongside other main characters, Miyuki Shirogane, Chika Fujiwara, Yu Ishigami and Ai Hayasaka.

It may take a while before the two make their feelings known to each other but that is not going to deter us from shipping them in the best way we know how… Check out how you can build a couple deck, featuring Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane!


  • KGL/S79-E0404
    Miyuki Taken Aback

  • KGL/S79-E0513
    Trembling, Kaguya

  • KGL/S79-E0582
    Dignified Apperance, Kaguya

  • KGL/S79-E0632
    Wall-Down, Miyuki

  • KGL/S79-E0732
    Miraculous Compatability, Kaguya

  • KGL/S79-E0774
    Ai Bestowing Courage

  • KGL/S79-E0522
    Panic Kaguya

  • KGL/S79-E08534
    In the Corridor at Dusk, Kaguya

  • KGL/S79-E0593
    Flurried, Miyuki

  • KGL/S79-E0543
    Hopeless at I.T., Kaguya

  • KGL/S79-E0441
    That’s It!

  • KGL/S79-E0781
    Bewitching Pose 𝅘𝅥𝅮 Kaguya

  • KGL/S79-E0612
    Mission Accomplished, Kaguya

  • KGL/S79-E0264
    Persisting Conviction, Miyuki

  • KGL/S79-E0504
    Serious Showdown Between Geniuses, Kaguya

  • KGL/S79-E0681
    A Romantic Battle of the Brains

  • KGL/S79-E0274
    Exchange Party Aftermath

  • KGL/S79-E0284
    Now We’re Even

This deck reenacts the interactions between Kaguya and Miyuki in the anime series. Serious Showdown Between Geniuses, Kaguya is the highlight of the deck that allows you to deal separate instances of 1 damage to secure victory in late-game. Persisting Conviction, Miyuki is a great level 3 card that can be played at level 2 and acts as a 14,000 power wall that your opponent cannot use Backup against!

Behind Kaguya is her loyal valet, Ai who is always ready to support her master. Ai Bestowing Courage can be used to search for your desired 《Shuchiin》character in the early game. Remember to keep one in your hand to use the Resonate abilities of Serious Showdown Between Geniuses, Kaguya and Hopeless at I.T., Kaguya.

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