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【Deck of the Month】 Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Frozen Bond

【Deck of the Month】 Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Frozen Bond

This month, we have a pure Emilia and Puck deck that is thematic yet powerful!

★ The deck’s powerful support card ‘“Just” Emilia’ requires at least 3 cards in your memory, one of which must be “Emilia All Alone”, so ‘“Call My Name” Puck’ is a must-have! ‘Puck Joking Around”s excellent search ability also puts itself into the memory, so it can help fulfil the condition as well! ☆

★ ‘Emilia All Alone’ itself is a potent card that can help find any missing piece of your set up since all cards in this deck are ‘Emilia’ or ‘Puck’! It also has an Assist ability to help your other characters in battle! ☆

★ Most Level 3 characters that have abilities that require an opposing character to Reversed in battle tend to be less useful when the opponent has no defending characters, but ‘Contractor and Spirit, Emilia & Puck’ circumvents that problem by gaining an ability that allows you to deal damage when you direct attack your opponent! ☆

  • RZ/S55-E0622
    Chomp Chomp Puck
  • RZ/S55-E0652
    The Happy Roswaal Mansion Family, Emilia
  • RZ/S55-E0863
    Unexpected Switching, Emilia
  • RZ/SE35-E024
    Resisting Against Fate, Puck
  • RZ/SE35-E061
    Contract With a Lesser Spirit, Emilia
  • RZ/SE35-E084
    Puck Joking Around
  • RZ/SE35-E261
    Visiting the Village, Emilia
  • RZ/S46-E0594
    Silver-Haired Beauty, Emilia
  • RZ/S55-E0872
    Kind Elder Sister, Emilia
  • RZ/SE35-E113
    Emilia All Alone
  • RZ/S46-E0782
    Smug Look, Emilia
  • RZ/SE35-E212
    “Call My Name” Puck
  • RZ/SE35-E044
    Contractor and Spirit, Emilia & Puck
  • RZ/SE35-E054
    Believe That Time Will Come, Puck
  • RZ/SE35-E142
    “Just” Emilia
  • RZ/S46-E0942
    Return by Death
  • RZ/S46-E0964
    Starting Life in Another World
  • RZ/SE35-E404
    The Road Ahead for the Two

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