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【Deck of the Month】 Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia

【Deck of the Month】 Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia

This potent deck partners an excellent resource engine with its level 0 and level 1 cards alongside a potent Standby strategy and an incredibly flexible endgame!

★ Standby targets like “Bringing the Underworld Beneath Uruk! Ereshkigal” and “The One Who Has Seen Everything, Gilgamesh” help to cement your board presence early on, boasting sky-high power that’s tough to beat! ☆

★ “Shared Journey, Mash” is an excellent card that has high power and can be played at level 2, but can also become a late-game finisher when combined with “Attack by a Formidable Enemy, Fujimaru & Mash”! ☆

★ “Goddess who Rules Over Venus, Ishtar” is the quintessential finisher of the deck, but “King Who Leads the People, Gilgamesh” is a powerful replacement if you lack the stock! ☆

Original List(Japanese): DGZ8

  • FGO/S75-E0012
    New Being Created by the Gods, Kingu
  • FGO/S75-E0254
    No Buts! Ishtar
  • FGO/S75-E0391
    Time to Part, Ana
  • FGO/S75-E0673
    Triumphant Expression, Ishtar
  • FGO/S75-E0762
    Towards the Final Singularity, Mash
  • FGO/S75-E0791
    Battle With a Strong Enemy, Mash
  • FGO/S75-E0852
    Enticing Words, Fujimaru
  • FGO/S75-E0524
    The Mistress of the Underworld, Ereshkigal
  • FGO/S75-E0562
    Reassuring Ally, Ishtar
  • FGO/S75-E0371
    Seething Fighting Spirit, Quetzalcoatl
  • FGO/S75-E0573
    Bringing the Underworld Beneath Uruk! Ereshkigal
  • FGO/S75-E1022
    SD Gilgamesh
  • FGO/S75-TE073
    The One Who Has Seen Everything, Gilgamesh
  • FGO/S75-E0261
    King Who Leads the People, Gilgamesh
  • FGO/S75-E0332
    Grand Caster, Merlin
  • FGO/S75-E0533
    Goddess Who Rules Over Venus, Ishtar
  • FGO/S75-E0784
    Shared Journey, Mash
  • FGO/S75-E0831
    Attack by a Formidable Enemy, Fujimaru & Mash
  • FGO/S75-E0881
    Supporting Comrades, Mash
  • FGO/S75-E0734
    Together With Bloomed Flowers in the Underworld
  • FGO/S75-E0744
    Final Battle With Mother

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