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【Bushiroad E-Newsletter, April Issue 2022】Join in the festivities your favorite bands! A BanG Dream! Girls Band Party Special Feature

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Celebrate the fourth anniversary of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! with the bands you’ve come to know and love! There’s something for everyone with Poppin’Party, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, Hello, Happy World!, Morfonica, and RAISE A SUILEN who are all joining in the festivities when Premium Booster BanG Dream! Girls Band Party drops this April!

Each band will feature cards with the same effect so you can play with your favorite band members! Check out these amazing BDR (BanG Dream! Rare) cards that feature gold foil hot-stamped quotes from the members!


  • Peaceful Jump! Rimi Ushigome
  • Peaceful Jump! Kasumi Toyama
  • Peaceful Jump! Saya Yamabuki
  • Peaceful Jump! Tae Hanazono
  • Peaceful Jump! Arisa Ichigaya
It’s time for a sparkling, heart-pounding beat with the girls from Poppin’Party!

  • Scarlet Soul, Himari Uehara
  • Scarlet Soul, Tsugumi Hazawa
  • Scarlet Soul, Ran Mitake
  • Scarlet Soul, Moca Aoba
  • Scarlet Soul, Tomoe Udagawa
Bask in Afterglow! The five childhood friends are ready to take the stage for a rocking good time!

  • Blessing Cheers, Hina Hikawa
  • Blessing Cheers, Chisato Shirasagi
  • Blessing Cheers, Eve Wakamiya
  • Blessing Cheers, Maya Yamato
  • Blessing Cheers, Aya Maruyama
A prismatic performance awaits when Pastel*Palettes make their long awaited return to stage!

  • Lefty Ambitions, Ako Udagawa
  • Lefty Ambitions, Lisa Imai
  • Lefty Ambitions, Yukina Minato
  • Lefty Ambitions, Sayo Hikawa
  • Lefty Ambitions, Rinko Shirokane
The gothic girls of Roselia are all prepared to showcase their immense talent on stage!

Hello, Happy World!
  • Smile Planet, Hagumi Kitazawa
  • Smile Planet, Kokoro Tsurumaki
  • Smile Planet, Kanon Matsubara
  • Smile Planet, Kaoru Seta
  • Smile Planet, Misaki Okusawa
Happy, Lucky, Smile, Hooray~! The girls from Hello, Happy World! are marching onto stage!

  • Innocent Flapping, Nanami Hiromachi
  • Innocent Flapping, Toko Kirigaya
  • Innocent Flapping, Rui Yashio
  • Innocent Flapping, Tsukushi Futaba
  • Innocent Flapping, Mashiro Kurata
The all-girl violin rock band Morfonica are here to paint a fantastical worldview!

  • Exciting Performance, LOCK
  • Exciting Performance, LAYER
  • Exciting Performance, MASKING
  • Exciting Performance, PAREO
  • Exciting Performance, CHU2
Amp up the intensity with RAISE A SUILEN as they prepare to tear down the stage!

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