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Booster Pack - Love Live! Vol.2

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Card Name "Love Wing Bell"
"Love Wing Bell"
Card No. LL/W34-E094 Rarity U
Expansion Love Live! Vol.2 Side
Card Type Event Color
Level 2 Cost 1
Power Soul
Trigger Special Attribute
Text 【COUNTER】 Choose one of your characters with "Rin(凛)" in its card name, and put it into your waiting room. If you do, return the top card of your clock into your hand, and put this card into your memory.
Flavor Text Hi-i! We are Otonokizaka High's School Idol Group, μ's!
Illustrator ©2013 PROJECT Lovelive!
Card No. Card Type Card Name Color Q&A
LL/W34-E094 Event "Love Wing Bell" Q&A
LL/W34-E095 Event Invitation from Friends Q&A
LL/W34-E096 Event Golden Rice Temptation Q&A
LL/W34-E097 Climax Full of Energy Guts Pose Q&A
LL/W34-E098 Climax Nap Time Maki Q&A
LL/W34-E099 Climax The Answer That Everyone Decided Q&A
LL/W34-E100 Climax ☆New Club Leader Arises☆ Q&A

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