Fate Stay Night Vol 2 - Heaven's Feel

The race to end the Holy Grail War continues on the Weiß Schwarz stage!

Bring your Fate decks to new heights with the release of Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] Vol. 2 booster packs on sale August 20, 2021!
Here are some of our favorite new climax combos from each colour.

Entrusted Arm, Shirou
Battle of Determination

Overpower your opponent with Entrusted Arm, Shirou!

His base effect gives +2,500 power to any other character in play, allowing for a sudden offensive power spike your opponent won’t see coming. What’s more, if the opponent becomes reversed with the Battle of Determination climax in play, Shirou returns to your hand if he is frontal attacked next turn.

Bellerophon, Rider

Stock up on resources with a well-timed attack from Bellerophon, Rider!

If your opponent levels up with the Bellerophon climax in play, you’ll gain one stock and possibly a new character card in hand. Use this to further extend your midgame advantage!

Temporary Coalition, Rin
Sisters' Relationship

Close out the game with Temporary Coalition, Rin!

When Sisters’ Relationship climax is in play and damage is not cancelled, you can send one card from your hand to the waiting room to deal one additional damage. The end is in sight!

Dress of Heaven, Illya
Heaven’s Feel

Turn the tides of battle with Dress of Heaven, Illya!

Illya has potential to help recover from a resource-low early game. Attacking when you have the Heaven’s Feel climax in play and five or less cards in your stock, allows you to look at the top four cards of your deck and choose one or character to put into your hand.

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Fate Stay Night Vol 2 - Heaven's Feel Booster Pack

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