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Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA DX

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Yea! Great isn’t it ^^

Anyway! Mr. K! What do you have for me today?
New cards, maybe? o(*▼▼*)o

That’s right! You should know that our upcoming release is the Booster Pack Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA DX right?

Of course I know that! It’s coming out real soon on 14th October!

Yup, so today let’s talk about the climax combo together with the new cards from the upcoming booster, Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA DX!


Be it damage, heal, or hand size, most climax combo provides the player with huge advantages. Nonetheless, as climax combo effects always come together with a power reduction, it would be a disaster to play a character without the corresponding climax. It is as good as playing a vanilla – with absolutely no effect, and even lower power.

So, it will be better to have no more than two types of Climax Cards in one deck in order to maximize the draw rate of the climax cards, right?

Yup! But, that also does not mean that a player cannot run more than two Climax Combos in one deck. Now, let’s take a look at the Climax Combos in Prisma Illya and you will see what I mean^^

Climax Combos

Another Me

In Prisma Illya, there are actually climax cards that synergize with multiple characters! For example, “Another Me” combos with both Level 1 character “Illya Being Toyed Around With”, and Level 3 character “To Protect Daily Life, Illya”!

That’s nice! But…how do I use it?…(゚ー゚*?)

Level 1 Character

Illya Being Toyed Around With
This card has a very low standing power for level 1 character. However, her climax combo allows you to play an “Another “Illya”, Kuro” directly from the player’s deck, without any cost! Not only does this brings hand and cost advantages, but also a decent attacker with 7500 power at level 1!

Moreover, the effect helps with deck compression in mid game and late game as the cancel rate will be increased when there are less characters in the deck, a decent synergy that I would definitely play!

Another “Illya”, Kuro

Do take note of your stock count when you play this Level 1 character!

Level 3 Character

To Protect Daily Life, Illya
“Another Me” is also used together with “To Protect Daily Life, Illya”, which is one of the best game ender in the set. When “To Protect Daily Life, Illya” reverses her opponent in battle, and the climax “Another Me” is in play, the player could pay 3 cost to return this card to his or her hand, and play a “Wish You Want to Fulfill, Kuro” from hand. This also applies if “To Protect Daily Life, Illya” is reversed! There are a few ways which this ability can give you an advantage in your game. First of all, it grants an extra attack for the turn player, allowing him or her to deal more damage and generate 1 more stock. Secondly, as “To Protect Daily Life, Illya” is bounced back to hand, she can still be played in the next turn to perform the draw and play-from-hand effect.

Wish You Want to Fulfill, Kuro
When “Wish You Want to Fulfill, Kuro” is played from hand, the player can still activate her ability to heal one damage. This could come in handy when the player wants to heal at battle phase instead of main phase, for e.g. when he or she has zero clock at main phase but takes a refresh damage during the battle phase after a few triggering.

Moreover, when this card is played from hand, the player can still activate her ability to heal one damage. On top of that, this card herself is a decent character with power boost, heal and advanced summon effect. It would never hurt to have her in an Illya & Kuro deck!

Prisma Illya is an interesting set and there are more that is worth exploring!

Hmm.. sounds tough for a beginner like me! Not sure if I can pull off these combos…(。ŏ﹏ŏ)

What you need is more practice! As the saying goes, Practice makes perfect!ヾ(〃^∇^)o

You are right! Let’s play a game right now!