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Christmas came a week early for fellow Love Live! fans with the release of Trial Deck Love Live! School idol festival, Booster Pack Love Live! Vol.2 and Meister Set Love Live! Vol.2! Have you gotten your cards yet?

With this new expansion, meisters for Love Live! can now enjoy more interesting strategies and play styles! Both the new trial deck and booster pack will definitely help out players who either enjoy mixing different characters in one deck, or building a deck with only one character.

In this week’s column, we will take a look at 3 decks that consists of only a single character. Click the link below to jump to a specific deck!
Honoka Kosaka Deck
Eli Ayase Deck
Rin Hoshizora Deck

Honoka Kosaka Deck

This is a red and yellow Honoka-only deck with character retrieval abilities and some “Honoka” specific power boosts. Love Live! Vol.2 introduces cards that boost other cards based on their name, and Image Change, Honoka is one of them. This card may not work well with other characters, but it is the best support card for a Honoka deck, giving all “Honoka” a +1000 power boost. Try playing Keep Up Your Fighting Spirit! for more permanent power-ups too!

For retrieval, Startling Fact, Honoka is very useful in this deck because you can retrieve any character in your waiting room since your deck only consists of Honoka.

Love Live! Vol.2 also introduced new Level 3 character cards for all members of μ’s and this has totally made deck building more interesting!

“Happy Maker!” Honoka Kosaka brings the Honoka deck to a whole new level. With the climax ability to send a level 2 or lower character into the waiting room, you can easily disrupt your opponent’s setup. When facing your opponent’s Level 3 characters, you can overpower them with “Wonderful Rush” Honoka Kosaka.

Decklist – Honoka Kosaka Deck

Here’s a deck list for your reference.

Card No. Card Name Lv/Cost Quantity
Character Card
LL/W24-E113 Mini Honoka 0/0 1
LL/W36-TE05 “Summer Uniform” Honoka Kosaka 0/0 2
LL/W24-E058 Maid Outfit Honoka 0/0 4
LL/W34-E043  “Forever and Ever” Honoka Kosaka 0/0 2
LL/W34-E047  Reawakened Memories, Honoka 0/0 4
LL/W34-E058  Startling Fact, Honoka 0/0 4
LL/EN-W01-039 “Full Smile!” Honoka 1/0 2
LL/W24-E054 Energetic by Nature, Honoka 1/1 2
LL/W34-E057  “Door to Our Dreams” Honoka Kosaka 1/1 4
LL/W34-E039  “KiRa-KiRa Sensation!” Honoka Kosaka 2/1 4
LL/W34-E045  Image Change, Honoka 2/1 3
LL/W24-E022 Honoka Kosaka 2/2 1
LL/W24-E109 “Wonderful Rush” Honoka Kosaka 3/2 3
LL/W34-E034  “Happy Maker!” Honoka Kosaka 3/2 4
LL/W34-E064 Keep Up Your Fighting Spirit! 1/1 2
Climax Card
LL/W24-E073 First Thoughts -/- 4
LL/W34-E066 Sakura Tree Facing the Blue Sky -/- 4

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Eli Ayase Deck

Next, let’s take a look at the Eli-only deck. This is a green and yellow deck that is cost efficient and comes with decent power for both attack and defense. “KiRa-KiRa Sensation!” Eli Ayase is really awesome for its ability to gain a temporary power boost on the turn you play it, as well as the climax ability to get even more power boosts, as well as creating more stock for later use.

Another highlight of the deck is “Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Eli Ayase, which has been popular among Love Live! users for its ability to gain a decent amount of power without paying cost at all.

“Happy Maker!” Eli Ayase is the perfect card for an Eli-only deck like this. You can gain one stock when you play this card if you have four or more “Eli” on your stage. This extra stock gain be then used for its second ability to send opponent’s [Reversed] character to the clock. The third ability can also give that extra power boost to any “Eli” on your stage!

On the other hand, you could put some “Sun Shower” Eli to heal up or disrupt your opponent’s game plan. With these different abilities packed in one deck, you could play differently against different opponent to push the game in your favor!

Deck List – Eli Ayase Deck

Feel free to try out this deck below if you like the strategy that I have just explained!

Card No. Card Name Lv/Cost Quantity
Character Card
LL/W24-E012b “Tight Hug, and Closing In on “love”!” μ’s 0/0 2
LL/W24-E039 “Khorosho” Eli 0/0 4
LL/EN-W01-058 Eli in Training Wear 0/0 4
LL/EN-W01-065 “Let’s Go Out Together♪” Eli 0/0 2
LL/W34-E023  μ’s Backup Dancer? Eli 0/0 4
LL/W24-E005 “Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Eli Ayase 1/0 4
LL/W24-E006b “With a Summer Smile 1,2,Jump!” μ’s 1/0 4
LL/W24-E042 Maid Outfit Eli 1/0 2
LL/EN-W01-019 “No Brand Girls” Eli 1/1 1
LL/W34-E005 “KiRa-KiRa Sensation!” Eli Ayase 2/1 4
LL/W34-E011  “Door to Our Dreams”Eli Ayase 2/1 3
LL/EN-W01-002 “Sun Shower” Eli 3/2 4
LL/W34-E001 “Happy Maker!” Eli Ayase 3/2 4
Climax Card
LL/W24-E025 Mermaid festa vol.1 -/- 4
LL/W34-E031  Looking Back at Memories -/- 4

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Rin Hoshizora Deck

The last deck that I’m going to introduce today featrures Rin Hoshizora! This is a blue and yellow deck with abilities to replenish your cards in hand and some devilish tricks to disrupt your opponent. First of all, “Love Wing Bell” is a very tricky card for defending yourself. It prevents your opponent from using abilities that requires putting your character into [Reverse] position. Besides, it gives you the ability to heal!

Don’t forget to put “Dancing Stars on Me!” Rin Hoshizora into your Rin-only deck! This character works best in a deck with only Rin.

“Happy Maker!” Rin Hoshizora has a really unique ability to shuffle all your opponent’s card in his or her waiting room, except 2 chosen card. Obviously, leaving out 2 of the opponent’s Climaxes is the best, to lower your opponent’s chance of cancelling. Her second ability allows you to replenish your hand real fast! Otonokizaka High 1st Year, Rin gives you more ability to draw cards too!

Deck List – Rin Hoshizora Deck

Do give this deck a try too!

Card No. Card Name Lv/Cost Quantity
Character Card
LL/W24-E012e “Tight Hug, and Closing In on “love”!” μ’s 0/0 1
LL/EN-W01-027 “Please Look at Rin♪” Rin 0/0 2
LL/W24-E089 Swimsuit Rin 0/0 1
LL/EN-W01-093 Rin in Regular Clothes 0/0 2
LL/EN-W01-096 “Let’s Go Out Together♪” Rin 0/0 2
LL/W34-E078  “KiRa-KiRa Sensation!” Rin Hoshizora 0/0 4
LL/W34-E091  Memories of Live, Rin 0/0 4
LL/W24-E080 Hanayo’s Childhood Friend, Rin 1/0 2
LL/EN-W01-104 Rin in Training Wear 1/0 2
LL/W34-E107 “Dancing Stars on Me!” Rin Hoshizora 1/0 4
LL/W24-E019 Rin Hoshizora 1/1 3
LL/W24-E076 Otonokizaka High 1st Year, Rin 1/1 1
LL/W24-E008 “Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Rin Hoshizora 2/1 2
LL/W34-E080  With Everyone’s Strength, Rin 2/2 3
LL/EN-W01-004 “Whimsical Girl” Rin 3/2 1
LL/W34-E069  “Happy Maker!” Rin Hoshizora 3/2 3
Event Card
LL/W24-E097 Great Day for Practice? 2/1 2
LL/W34-E094  “Love Wing Bell” 2/1 3
Climax Card
LL/W24-E098 μ’s Teammates -/- 4
LL/W34-E097 Full of Energy Guts Pose -/- 4

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